Technical Program Committee invites you to submit abstracts as soon as possible before deadline. This will provide us enough time to schedule all technical sessions and presentations. We welcome all contributions that promote the science of acoustics from all sectors and branches.

Authors are invited to submit a 200 word abstract before the conference, then submit their full paper after the conference. The International Scientific Committee particularly encourages submission of work by students to compete for the Best Student Paper Award.

Please carefully review the list of suggested topics and proposed special sessions below. In your abstract to be submitted, please indicate the session title under which you would like to place your submission.

The Suggested topics of Conference the are:
• TF: The oretical foundations of linear and non-linear acoustics and vibration
• MC: Multiphysics and/or multiscale coupling and representation
• MI: Multiphysics and/or multiscale interactions
• MM: Analysis method of multiscale multiphysics
• AR: Aeroacoustics
• UA: Underwater acoustics
• BS: Building Acoustics and Seism
• BA: Bioacoustics
• SS: Sound source localization and wave separation
• MV: Modelling and visualization of sound waves and sound field
• AM: Acoustic metamaterials
• AW: Acoustic waves
• NA: Nearfield acoustical holography
• NV: Noise and vibration control
• VA: Vibration analysis of discrete and continuous systems
• SP: Signal processing, monitoring and diagnosis based on the acoustics and vibration
• ND: Nonlinear dynamics
• NS: Numerical simulation and modelling
• HM: Health monitoring and management of machine and structure
• SE: Sustainable engineering
• AV: Acoustics and vibration in Industry 4.0
• ES: Equipment and software innovations
• IS: Industrial case studies on acoustics and vibration

An example of abstract is attached below.

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